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Key Expansion Modules

Call coverage is a critical capability for administrative assistants and others who must monitor, manage, and cover the status of calls. This capability requires the ability to instantly determine the status of numerous lines beyond the standard lines that come on our IP phones. Key expansion modules give quick access to speed dials, extensions or any number that you program in to it. This is very effective as your calls can be directed quickly and effortlessly. We currently carry key expansion modules for our Standard Series 7975 phone and our Premium Series has the 8851 as well as the 8865 that can use key expansion modules. Depending on the phone you have, you can use one, two or even three key expansion modules.


Headsets are a great asset for those who need to be able to have their hands free during calls. A busy receptionist, billing specialist or even scheduling should be able to freely use their hands to input information or find the correct files as needed. A headset can be extremely comfortable since they are convertible. You can choose over the head, over one ear, or a hook ear hoop that sits inside your ear. They come with different size ear pieces so that you can adjust the headset to fit your needs. They are also very light weight.