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Standard Phones

Standard phones feature multi-lines, touchscreen,  programmable line buttons, speed-dials, adjustable footstand, buttons for quick access to voicemail, speaker phone, mute, volume, settings, etc. We also have one video phone in the standard series. The 8945 has a black casing with a dual position footstand, High quality VGA or 640*480 pixel camera, fully backlit 5″ display. It also has 2.1 bluetooth capabilities. Screens can be customized with your business logo and ringtones can be changed easily. These phones are excellent phones and can get the job done. However, if you are looking for more video or bluetooth options take a look at our premium phones.


Premium Phones

Our premium phones feature a sleek design and higher quality features over our standard phones. The 8811 is a grayscale screen while all others have colored screens. Some of them feature high quality bluetooth allowing for greater distance between devices, one usb port for charging cell phones or other usb devices. The 8865 is our wireless/wifi phone with HD video and two usb ports. Premium also feature intelligent proximity, this allows you to connect personal mobile devices to your desk phone.

Wireless Phones

Our wireless phones are extremely durable and built for tough conditions and very resilient. They are ideal for anyone that may or may not have a desk phone or has to step away from it often and still needs a way to communicate. IP67 rated for water immersion up to 3.3 feet and dust tight resistance. Removable and rechargeable batteries to keep you in constant contact. Compliant to military-standard 810G exterior for added shock resistance if dropped. Bluetooth 4.0, barcode scanners and supports push to talk through applications. They come in very handy when on the go constantly.